Information Tools

OPERAs is focusing on under-developed means of capturing ecosystem services information from stakeholders, as well as the general public, on social values and the benefits of ecosystem services through crowd-sourcing methods.

The approach is based on current work in the EU FP7 project VOLANTE, aimed at providing tools and guidelines on how to set up a social valuation crowd sourcing campaign. This method is currently being tested in the OPERAs case-study exemplars.

Based on the analysis and collaboration between both users and instrument developers within OPERAs, opportunities for strengthening existing indicator-based tools are being identified.

Businesses increasingly require an understanding of their impact on ecosystem services, and many aspire to be recognised against common social and environmental standards. OPERAs is reviewing and refining criteria for a range of standards, certification and ratings schemes.

Furthermore, OPERAs draws together and is making data and information accessible for use in decision-making tools to be enhanced and developed. Information Tools and guidance are available from the Resource Hub.