OPERAs French Alps Examplar stakeholder workshop

Archie J Crofton
Thursday, 27th March 2014
OPERAs French Alps Examplar stakeholder workshop

OPERAs French Alps Examplar held their second stakeholder workshop on 27 March 2014, in Grenoble (France). The event was a combined effort from OPERAs partners, CNRS, Prospex and Biotope and was attended by 20 stakeholders.

This workshop aimed to initiate the contribution of stakeholders to the design of the scenarios for the modelling of ecosystem services. Specifically, stakeholders were asked to identify for four regional-scale scenarios produced by the Rhône-Alpes region government: 1) demands in ecosystem services; 2) governance structures; 3) trends and spatial location of main land use change.

The workshop was successful at collecting detailed information on the 3 objectives. The discussion with stakeholders led the project to add an additional scenario for their modelling and also encourgae them to aggregate two others. The next stages after the detailed analysis of the workshop results will be a quantification of expected land use change needs to parameterise the land use change and ecosystem service models. The next stakeholder workshop will examine indicators that stakeholders would see as useful outputs from the modelling process.